It all starts with Page One

Page1Books ( is an incredible book subscription service a bit different from your typical vibe. 

You know that incredible feeling you get when you walk into a bookstore that isn’t that basic cookie-cutter chain feel? That smell of wooden stacks, not metal.  A teller behind the counter quietly sipping tea as you browse. That fantastic book they suggest that actually turns out to be the perfect selection. Page1Books strives to condense that indie bookstore feeling into their subscription service, and so far they’re definitely hitting the mark!

I selected the subscription entitled “For The Fiction Fan” because I’m a sucker for a good fiction novel, but there are a lot of different options for all kinds of book lovers. “For the Masterpiece Obsessed” and “For the Foodie” are just two of the other great options. After I made my selection and clicked the 3 month subscription option, Brandy (who I like to think of as the indie bookstore owner) asked me about what kind of books I like. Page1Books are dedicated to a personalised selection process so that you get a new book you already know you’ll love! And they’ve got a great policy if you get a book you already have. You get to keep it and get a different book from them free of charge! 

I told her all about my love for Neil Gaiman and my loathing of trivial and predictable plots. About a week later (from Illinois to Ireland!) I had a hardback copy of The Power by Naomi Alderman in my hands, plus a bundle of other goodies like hot cocoa and bookmarks! Brandy could not have chosen a better book for me! Girl power, magical realism, and a diverse group of characters in a dynamic plot! Brilliant! Ticks every box! 

Lucky for everyone reading this, Page1Books has a Limited Edition Cozy Reader Bundle Gift Set available right now and I’ve got an exclusive 15% off coupon code! So do yourself a favour: get the gift set or any other incredible offer from Page1Books for yourself or a loved one and use the code BCB15 for 15% off! 

Oh, and by the way, there’s nothing quite like getting personalised bookish presents delivered to your door. From one bookwork to another: treat yourself! ​


Falling in like

Do you know those funny dreams you have where you think you’re falling so your half-conscious body twitches violently in response, hoping to save itself? I think I must be dreaming, because try as I might, logic be damned, I’m falling in like.

I won’t say love. I know love. This isn’t love. The love I once knew ultimately ended in heartbreak. Twice. This isn’t love. Part of me refuses to even get close to such a thing again without some semblance of security. One foot out the door. Walls around my heart taller than those in Jericho. I know I sound jaded. I guess I am. It’s a long story and one many could tell themselves, so I won’t go into it. All I know is that serial monogamist me is suddenly craving something both casual but also comforting. I fantasise about marriage while at the same time trying not to roll my eyes at the impending divorce I see all around me. I imagine my future and for the first time I question if I’ll really be sharing it with anyone. I never wanted my own kids. Maybe I’ll adopt one day. I don’t need a husband for that. I’m surprising myself. I’m a hopeless romantic, I swear. Lately, though, wading through the seemingly endless dating-app-rape-culture-bullshit, I feel less optimistic.

There is this boy, though. I didn’t pay him much attention at first, I’ll admit. I don’t really remember what changed. One day I could see the colour of his eyes. One day I noticed how much I enjoyed being near him. Simple stuff. Like. Things like how easily he can make me laugh.

I’m not optimistic. He mightn’t even be in like back. Why chance it?

How has 21st century dating turned a hopeless romantic into a pessimistic mess? How is the next generation supposed to survive or emotionally cope? Perhaps none of us will use the word “love” anymore. Maybe it’ll become a slur, a curse, a la Brave New World. Perhaps we’ll have to settle for falling in like.

Time flies 

Being an adult means relating to the White Rabbit way more than ever before. I tend to be one of those people who are early for just about every appointment. I’m that way partially because of my super structured Dad and partially because I always feel two steps behind the rest of the world. I’m late! I’m late! I’m late!

When JORD Wood Watches asked to partner with me, I knew I wanted to blog about time. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m in the Creative Writing MA at University of Limerick. From the second I touched down at Shannon Airport, I’ve felt like I’m lagging a bit. Having lived in Dublin previously, I arrogantly expected any culture shock to be minor. Having graduated from a previous university cum laude, I expected to excel easily in my programme of study. I have been humbled. We’re not even at the halfway point but I daydream frequently about dropping out.

Last night, however, I went out with my classmates, and I was yet again reminded of how like The White Rabbit I am—too obsessed with what’s coming ahead and not enough on what’s happening now. I haven’t had fun like I had last night in actual years. Plural. There’s nothing quite like being open to spontaneity and then being pleasantly rewarded.

A wooden watch is a beautiful thing. It’s unique and stylish. It smells earthen, it has the weight of craftsmanship, and the crisp precision details of time itself. I keep time on my JORD watch, and I get to choose to make each of those seconds count.

JORD Wood Watches Giveaway til October 19:

Good luck and remember time is what you make of it! Xx


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