Cheat day

I’m on this Paleo diet. 

I’ve never done dieting before. In fact, anything that drew attention to my weight would send my mind into a tailspin that resulted in unhealthy eating habits. I literally haven’t weighed myself since middle school. I turn my head away at the doctors. I don’t keep track of what size I wear. I just try on clothes til they fit. On the one hand, this refusal to track my life by how much I weigh has been mentally helpful. On the other, being purposely ignorant of my body and my health had caused my weight to get out of control. 

So I started Paleo. Well, we did. My Dad–my personal Italian 6’3″ super hero–was also over 400lbs and couldn’t be weighted on average bathroom scales. He first learned about Paleo on the good ole internet. He told me about it near New Years and I was eager to keep him on track for his health. So we started dieting. I didn’t have to give up bacon, so I was pretty much game. 

Now I’m 3 months into the first diet of my life, and I’ve literally never felt better. I don’t know how much weight I’ve lost. I still don’t weight myself. I also don’t know my new trouser size. What I do know is how I feel, and I feel great. 

Six days out of the week, I eat to Paleo restrictions. On the seventh day, like God, I rest. That’s a joke, of course. The point is, I’m proud of who I’ve become and I’m eager to see where I go. I love myself in a way I never really have. It’s not because I’m losing weight. It’s because I’m paying attention to myself–in a healthy way. I care about my body and about what goes in it. I’ve had over 20 years of cheat days. It’s officially time focus on loving myself. 

So worth it. 


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