Ding, dong, date

I’m sitting here watching Catfish. It’s one of those mindless but interesting things you keep on in the background while you surf the internet, or–as in my case–you swipe semi-aimlessly on Bumble. I’ll talk about my decision to online date another day, but right now let’s just talk about that horrible thing everyone who has ever online dated (literally from my grandmother to my best friend) has experienced: the ghost. 

What’s a ghosting? It’s that moment when you matched, you thought a conversation was going well, then out of the blue they disappear. No more messages. And it’s not like you were properly dating, right? Are you allowed to be offended? Concerned? It doesn’t feel like it. It actually feels like there wasn’t enough commitment riding on this to feel…anything. You’re just expected to move on, try again. Better luck next time. 

That’s what I hate absolutely about this whole situation the modern dater finds themselves forced into by society and loneliness. There’s a feeling of detachment that hopeless romantics like myself were not made for. So where’s the dating app for us, for the people so ready to fall in love? 

I’ll keep swiping, I guess. That’s romantic, right?


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